About Us

Y2K Tees is all about cooperating your favourite celebrities, artists, icons into trendy tribute graphic pieces with a late 90s, early 2000s aesthetic.

How we started

I (Tyler) had always wanted to go into merchandising and would always create merchandise of my own for my favourite artists / celebrities starting at the age of 12 and it was just a hobby of mine. Around 2017, I started selling some of my designs on depop and twitter, then around 2018 I started playing around with this current design and it automatically became popular and I would sell around 5 a day, that's when i taught my brother (Kai) how to make them & then he started selling his own designs. We both eventually stopped when we re-located countries. Flash forward to 2020, when COVID-19 first started, I had lost my job and Kai had just turned 18, we both randomly had the same idea of selling our shirts again but this time working together and making a business. Y2K Tee's was then born. We wanted to start off small just to see if they would still be as popular, so we made an Etsy, little did we know our business would take off and within less than 2 weeks, we had sold almost 2000 shirts which was insane. The next step was to build this website to give us more freedom.

We are so grateful for every single person who has supported us and continue to do so, we can't wait for the future ♡

Created in September 2020 by Tyler & Kai.

You can find out more about us over on our instagram @y2ktees!